Supporting the Arts on First Night Chatham


  • Monomoy Regional Middle School
    425 Crowell Rd, Chatham
    The largest parking area for First Night Chatham, there is plenty going on at the Middle School all day, and the free shuttle bus will take you from the Middle School to the Main St rotary, where everything else is a short walk or a short ride on the shuttle bus.
  • Town Parking Lot
    Stage Harbor Rd., Chatham
    Located behind The Orpheum Theater and Ben Franklin, this lot can be entered from Stage Harbor Rd, just south of the rotary.
  • Elementary School
    147 Depot St., Chatham
  • Oyster Pond Parking Lot
    80 Stage Harbor Rd., Chatham
  • Chatham Community Center
    702 Main St., Chatham

Public Restrooms

  • Please note that the town restrooms at Oyster Pond are not open during First Night Chatham.
  • Town Parking Lot Restrooms
    behind Ben Franklin & St. Christopher’s
    Located on the east side of the town parking lot that is behind The Orpheum Theater and Ben Franklin. From Main St, use the parking lot access road that’s between St. Christopher’s Church and Ben Franklin.
  • Town Hall (exterior, rear of building)
    549 Main St.
    The restrooms are located at the rear (outside) of the Town Hall building, accessible from either the Cross St side, or the parking lot adjacent to Town Hall.
  • Kate Gould Park Restrooms
    Main St. and Chatham Bars Ave.
    The restrooms are located at the northeast corner of Kate Gould Park.