Face Painting Leader


The Face Painting Activity Leader is responsible for running the Face Painting activity during First Night Chatham. Face Painting is one of the special events on the program run by a Committee member.

Description of Responsibilities

The Face Painting leader is the overall organizer and supervisor of the event. Responsibilities include:


Face Painting has traditionally been held at the Monomoy Regional Middle School (in the cafeteria), where the Circus is also going on, so many families go to Face Painting before or after the Circus.

Face Painting has been run very smoothly for many years, and past leaders have provided much documentation, extremely detailed blow-by-blow descriptions of every task, names and contact list for past face painting volunteers, recruiting timeline, detailed setup instructions with exact items for every table, and more. A new Face Painting leader can certainly introduce their own improvements, but there is no need to start from scratch. Past leaders are available for consultation.


The time requirement on Dec 31st is approximately from 11am to 5pm, with setup and cleanup. The recruiting effort usually starts in early November. So most of the work for this job is done in November – early December. Supplies can be handled any time. In the past couple of years, approximately 450+ faces were painted.