Supporting the Arts on First Night Chatham

First Night Chatham Brick Walk

The Oyster Pond Brick Walk surrounds and highlights the Veterans Memorial that honors veterans from the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

Buy your own commerative brick or bricks, with your name, special dates, or as a memorial to a loved one. Your brick(s) will be placed in the expanded brick walk at Oyster Pond. Veterans may indicate their service with a star on the brick.

Several configurations of bricks are available, as listed below with prices.

  • Single Brick, two-line inscription: $45
  • Single Brick, three-line inscription: $59
  • Two Bricks, side-by-side, two-line inscription: $99
  • Four Bricks (see example below), six-line inscription: $165

For more information about ordering bricks, please send email to the First Night Chatham email address

Four-brick, 6-line example
Brick Walk 4-brick example
Two-brick, 2-line example
Brick Walk 2-brick example